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YahooMania Todo sobre Yahoo

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yahoo! Toolbar Beta: Firefox

If you've been following Asa's blog, you probably already know that Firefox is well on its way to 25 million downloads worldwide. Well Yahoo! has certainly noticed and believe me, Firefox is very popular here at Yahoo! too.

However, a lot of us also rely on the convenience of Yahoo! Toolbar, and now we can make the switch to Firefox too. For the last month, we've been working with a team of Yahoos from around the company who have provided some Mozilla expertise to build the beta version of the Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox.

There are still some rough edges in this beta. Like any Firefox extension, it may cause your browser to misbehave in unexpected ways. It's been working well for us on Windows, and we're testing on Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD as well. See the release notes for more details.
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